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Join us in inspiring change, fostering innovation, and connecting minds across our vibrant community.

Our Commitment

Why Partner with TEDx McKinney?

TEDx McKinney stands at the forefront of creativity, education, and social impact. By aligning with us, your organization gains an opportunity to enhance its reach, contribute to the dissemination of groundbreaking ideas, and be part of a movement that shapes tomorrow.

Our Commitment to Partners

We value the collaboration with our partners and recognize the synergy that stems from working towards a shared vision. Here’s what we commit to offering:


Enhance your brand's visibility among an engaged and diverse audience.


Work closely with thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers.


Contribute to a community-driven initiative that fosters positive change.


Connect with like-minded organizations and individuals who share your passion and values.


Our community thrives on collaboration, diversity, and passion. There’s a place for everyone at TEDx McKinney. Whether you’re an aspiring speaker, a dedicated volunteer, or a curious attendee, your voice matters here.


Do you have an idea that can inspire change? Apply to become a speaker at TEDx McKinney, and share your unique insights with a community eager to learn and grow.


Enhance your organization's reach by partnering with TEDx McKinney. Together, we can build a platform that inspires, challenges, and connects minds across our community.


Your skills and dedication can make a difference at TEDx McKinney. Join our volunteer team and contribute to the success of our events, creating meaningful experiences for all.


Be part of the TEDx McKinney audience, engage with thought-provoking talks, and network with individuals who share your passion for exploration and innovation.

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Our Esteemed Partners

We’re proud to collaborate with organizations that share our vision and dedication to spreading transformative ideas and fostering community growth. Together, with our esteemed partners, we create platforms that inspire, challenge, and connect minds. It’s through these collaborations that we are able to amplify our impact, reaching broader audiences and driving meaningful change within McKinney and beyond.

Become a Partner

Ready to explore the potential of partnership with TEDx McKinney? We invite you to fill out our Partnership Inquiry Form or contact our partnership team at


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