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"We're all in the same boat, and we only have one boat."

- Paul Anastas, speaking at TEDx Carnegie Mellon on the concept of sustainability.


Where Curiosity Meets Inspiration: The TEDx McKinney Experience.

TEDx McKinney accelerates innovation and social impact through the power of big ideas, transformative live events, and empowering the community. By fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration, we connect thought leaders, visionaries, and curious minds in a shared mission to inspire change. TEDx McKinney exists to spread big ideas and elevate inspired citizenship in McKinney and beyond. Through a series of carefully curated events, workshops, and engagements, we create a platform that ignites curiosity, encourages critical thinking, and nurtures a community committed to lifelong learning.
TED2019: Bigger Than Us. April 15 - 19, 2019, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED

Background Statement

TEDx McKinney is more than an event; it is a celebration of ideas and a catalyst for innovation, operating as a nonprofit venture serving the community of McKinney. Made possible through the dedicated efforts of a broader community, TEDx McKinney thrives on inspiring attendees, the selfless contributions of a committed team investing hundreds of hours, and the unwavering support of our partners and sponsors.

Our stage has been graced by brilliant innovators, local visionaries, and thought leaders from various fields who generously donate their time, energy, and talents. They come together under the banner of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading,’ contributing to a rich tapestry of perspectives, insights, and inspiration.

About TEDx

x = independently organized event

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to certain rules and regulations.)

About TEDx

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, often in the form of short talks delivered by leading thinkers and doers. Many of these talks are given at TED Conferences, intimate TED Salons and thousands of independently organised TEDx events around the world. Videos of these talks are made available, free, on TED.com and other platforms. Audio versions of TED Talks are published to TED Talks Daily, available on all podcast platforms.


The Events Gallery

The Events Gallery of TEDx McKinney offers a visual retrospective of our distinguished gatherings. Here, you will find a curated selection of images that encapsulate the intellectual rigor, creative energy, and collaborative spirit that are the hallmarks of our events. Explore and reflect on the moments that have shaped TEDx McKinney.


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